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Costs by sector

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Title: Sectors in the Calculator

Content: I.a Conventional thermal plant I.b Combustion + CCS II.a Nuclear power III.a.1 Onshore wind III.a.2 Offshore wind III.b Hydroelectric III.c Wave and Tidal III.d Geothermal III.e Tidal [UNUSED - See III.c] IV.a Distributed solar PV IV.b Distributed solar thermal IV.c Micro wind V.a Biomatter to fuel conversion V.b Bioenergy imports VI.a Agriculture and land use VI.b Waste arising VI.c Marine algae VII.a.Imports Electricity imports VII.a.Exports Electricity Exports VII.b Electricity grid distribution VII.c Storage, demand shifting, backup VIII.a H2 Production IX.a Domestic heating IX.b Domestic hot water [UNUSED - See IX.a] IX.c Commercial heating and cooling IX.d Commercial hot water [UNUSED - See IX.c] X.a Domestic lighting, appliances, and cooking X.b Commercial lighting, appliances, and catering XI.a Industrial processes XII.a Domestic passenger transport XII.b Domestic freight XII.c International aviation XII.d Domestic aviation [UNUSED - see XII.a] XII.e International shipping (maritime bunkers) XII.f National navigation [UNUSED - see XII.a] XIII.a Food consumption [UNUSED] XIV.a Geosequestration XV.a Petroleum refineries XV.b Indigenous fossil-fuel production XVI.a Fossil fuel transfers XVI.b Balancing imports XVII.a District heating effective demand XVIII Carbon Capture

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