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Markal 3.24 Uranium Enrichment & Disposal 4.5%-19% uranium enrichment and fuel fabrication only 2000-2050

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Title: Markal 3.24 Uranium Enrichment 3 4.5% uranium enrichment and fuel fabrication 2000-2050 cost data point

Content: It takes 10.2 tons of natural U to make 1 ton of enriched U045 Source: MIT (2003), Residual capacity 595 PJ (Based on 850 tons per year of LWR fuel at Sellafield ? 1 ton U = 0.7PJ Source: OECD/NEA (2000) Nuclear Energy Data original residual capacity halved after 2015 and ends after 2030), VAROM is based on 0.17M$ / ton natural Uranium includes full disposal costs of 0.31M$ / ton natural U Contains all enrichment etc costs including electricity and assuming that 1 ton of natural uranium contains 0.7PJ and £1 = $1.8 Source: MIT (2003)

User: Michael Clark

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Cost category: Uranium Enrichment & Disposal cost data

Cost source: Markal 3.24 cost source

Valid for quantity of fuel: 

Valid in year: 2000-2050




Fuel: £(2000)0.486m/TWh



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Label: 4.5% uranium enrichment and fuel fabrication