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This is a wiki Anyone can contribute, therefore we don't vouch for its accuracy. Imported Uranium March 2011 price 2011

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Title: Test Imported Uranium   cost data point

Content: In March 2011, the approx. US $ cost to get 1 kg of uranium as UO2 reactor fuel (at current spot uranium price):

Uranium: 8.9 kg U3O8 x $146 US$ 1299

Conversion: 7.5 kg U x $13 US$ 98

Enrichment: 7.3 SWU x $155 US$ 1132

Fuel fabrication: per kg US$ 240

 Total, approx:   US$ 2769

At 45,000 MWd/t burn-up this gives 360,000 kWh electrical per kg, hence fuel cost: 0.77 c/kWh. 

Fuel costs are one area of steadily increasing efficiency and cost reduction. For instance, in Spain the nuclear electricity 

Half the cost is fuel enrichment and fabrication, which is dealt with elsewhere, so I've taken half of 0.77c/Kwh

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Fuel: $(2010)0.39/KWh



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