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Markal 3.24 Coal CCS New IGCC with CCS 2010-2030

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Title: MARKAL 3.24 COST SOURCE Coal CCS New IGCC with CCS 2010-2030 cost data point

Content: Please comment on:

# Whether and how the costs of carbon transport and storage have been dealt with
# What assumptions are made around the energy required to run the carbon capture

Cost data points
Coal CCS cost data points

User: Michael Clark

Signed off by: 

Signed off at: 

Cost category: Coal CCS cost data

Cost source: 

Valid for quantity of fuel: 

Valid in year: 2010-2030

Efficiency: 37-40%

Life: 35 years



Operating: £(2000)26/KW plus £(2000)0.72/GJ

Capital: £(2000)944 - 1,210/KW

Default fuel unit: 

Default operating unit: 

Default capital unit: 

Label: New IGCC with CCS

Output: 90%