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National Grid Fossil Fuel Transfer Costs National Grid Gas (National Transmission System) 2012/13 and 2020/21

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Title: National Grid Gas Fossil Fuel Transfer Costs National Grid Gas (Transmission)

Content: Detail on the conditions under which this cost is valid:

* All costs in 2009/2010 prices
* Financial Year 2012/13: 

  RAV(£m)4,686   Opex (£m)390   Annual Throughput: 966 TWh

* Financial Year 2020/21: 

  RAV(£m)6,576   Opex (£m)397   Annual Throughput: 946 TWh

* Cost of decommissioning the National Gas Transmission System is in the region of £4,527m (Source: National Grid)

User: Lilian Macleod

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Cost category: Fossil Fuel Transfer Costs cost data

Cost source: National Grid Gas cost source

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Label: National Grid Gas (Transmission)