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E4tech (2012) Bioenergy TINA Macro Algae TINA Identified 2050 2050

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Title: E4tech (2012) Bioenergy TINA Macro Algae TINA Identified 2050 2050

Content: Costs given in the form of harvested seaweed (oven dried tonnes), before any anaerobic digestion or upgarding to biomethane. Costs taken directly from the input TINA worksheets, adding steps for R&D strain development, cultivation, harvesting & pre-treatment. TINA analysis goes on to assume 6.6 GJ of biomethane generated per oven dried tonne of macroalgae

This is the 'identified' innovation level.

User: Richard Taylor

Signed off by: 

Signed off at: 

Cost category: Macro Algae cost data

Cost source: E4tech (2012) Bioenergy TINA cost source

Valid for quantity of fuel: 

Valid in year: 2050




Fuel: £(2010) 108/tonne



Default fuel unit: £(2010)/tonne

Default operating unit: 

Default capital unit: 

Label: TINA Identified 2050