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Wiki rules for use

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Title: Wiki rules for use

Content: This page will set out the rules for using the wiki and under what circumstances users could have their account blocked.

User: Sophie Hartfield

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Title: Wiki rules for use

Content: To edit the wiki, please register as a user.  Registration is open to everyone.

Please comment on the wiki by:

* directly editing the main body of the text, or
* adding comments in the "general comments" section at the end of each wiki page.

* Edits made on the wiki and the details of contributers will be viewable to all users.  So please do not add anything to the wiki that you would like to keep confidential.*

Please ensure that the comments you make on the wiki are:

* supported by evidence (referencing published reports wherever possible)
* polite and courteous.

Anyone making impolite, abusive or inappropriate comments on the wiki will be blocked from accessing it.

For technical problems accessing the wiki, please contact one of the team members (details listed on home page).

User: Sophiehartfield

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