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X.a Domestic lighting, appliances, and cooking Costs

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Title: 2050 Domestic lighting, appliances, and cooking costs

Content: h1 Issues / to do

* I think I've misinterpreted £m/PJ/a in converting it to £/TWh
* Appliances haven't been costed
* Methodology is inconsistent with 2050 Commercial lighting, appliances, and catering costs

h1 data sources

Markal3.24Doc, note just one cost - no high/low

h1 Methodology

Cooking - 

Use Markal assumption of one cooker per household. Assume scrappage after 15 years (MARKAL assumes 14), therefore 1/3rd of all stock needs replacing.  New stock is therefore the difference between the implied split of electric/gas by that year (assume same efficiency of gas and electric hobs and cookers e.g. 50% fuel used from gas for cooking = 50% gas hobs and cookers in homes) and stock scrapped.

Lighting - 

Use MARKAL assumption of split between household electricity demand where 16% is lighting as the costed element and hold up to 2050.

Cost the level 1 as using standard lighting (from MARKAL costs) and every additional reduction has a low cost of zero (it could be met through behavioural change) and high cost is that every additional TWh reduction from level 1 is met by the most expensive lighting technology.

h1 Differences with MARKAL

Markal constrains electric hobs to 70% of cooking fuel use.

h1 Issues

# No range
# Assumption of fuel split = appliance split in homes may not hold
# Haven't costed lighting and appliances yet

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