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Distributed solar thermal costs

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Title: 2050 Distributed solar thermal costs

Content: h1 Lead and sign-off

2050 Costs team lead - Michael Clark 

Working-level analyst - Henry Shennan, Ben Marriot (DECC)

Senior analyst - Sam Thomas, Rocio Concha

h1 Data sources


Renewable Heat Team


h1 Technologies costed in this sector

* Domestic Solar thermal

h1 Solar Thermal

Costs summary (£ per KW):

| Overall | Low | High  |
| Capital | 677 | 3,936 |

h2 Current Calculator assumptions

* Lifetime =  20 years
* Conversion efficiency = 50%
* Electricity consumption (to run pump) = 7% of heat supplied

h2 Investment Cost sources

* High cost = Micro Solar Thermal (non-south facing), 60% above reference from ESME, Availability = 7.5%, Life = 20yrs
* Low cost = Micro Solar Thermal (south facing), -40% from reference from ESME, Availability = 7.5%, Life = 20yrs

h1 Issues, concerns and questions

Category: 2050 pathway costs

User: Tom Counsell

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