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2050 working assumption Soil management Up to 2050 2020-2050

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Title: 2050 working assumption Soil management Up to 2050 2020-2050

Content: The 2050 pathways model assumes up to 3.4 MtCO2e abatement by 2020, compared with 2007 soil emissions.

The MacLoed et al 2010 cost source has a cummulative average cost[i.e., not the marginal cost of the final tonne, but the total area under the marginal curve divided by the total number of tonnes] of increasing abatement from 1.9 MtCO2e to 3.4 MtCO2e of -£106/tCO2e (optimistic 2022 curve) to £52/tCO2e (pessimistic 2022 curve).

It is unclear whether it is valid in our methodology to have negative abatement costs, so for the moment assuming the range starts at zero.

It is unclear how wrong we are being in extending these 2022 estimates out to 2050.

User: Tom Counsell

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Cost category: Soil management cost data

Cost source: 2050 working assumption cost source

Valid for quantity of fuel: 1.9-3.4MtCO2e

Valid in year: 2020-2050




Fuel: £(2010)0-52/tCO2e



Default fuel unit: 

Default operating unit: 

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Label: Up to 2050