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E4Tech (2009) Biomass 2nd generation biocrops Generic biocrop 2030

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Title: E4Tech (2009) Biomass 2nd generation biocrops Generic biocrop 2030

Content: Page 38. Notes from source: "Energy crops are the largest of the potential UK resources in 2030. These are planted on land released from food production, and on pasture land

* The model assumes that on each

area of land, either SRC willow, SRC poplar, or miscanthus is planted, depending on their relative production costs

* The resource increases over time

as more land becomes available, and as more of this area is planted.

* The resource is significantly limited

by planting rates until the mid 2020s (see next slide). After this it is limited by land area – 2.2Mha in 2030

* Costs decrease to 2030 with yield

increases, but remain predominantly at £2-3.5 /GJ (£35-60 /odt), without subsidies"

User: Tom Counsell

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Cost category: Biomass 2nd generation biocrops cost data

Cost source: E4tech (2009) Supply curves cost source

Valid for quantity of fuel: 550 PJ

Valid in year: 2030




Fuel: £(2009)2-3.5 /GJ



Default fuel unit: 

Default operating unit: 

Default capital unit: 

Label: Generic biocrop