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Markal 3.24 Biomass 2nd generation biocrops Energy Crops Step 3 2000-2050

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Title: Markal 3.24 Domestic Biomass Energy Crops Step 3 2000-2050

Content: Underlying source given as: Oxera (2002) Regional Renewable Resource Assessment

h1 Questions about this cost point

* Why does step 3 have a lower cost than Step 2?

User: Tom Counsell

Signed off by: 

Signed off at: 

Cost category: 

Cost source: Markal 3.24 cost source

Valid for quantity of fuel: 226.06 GJ

Valid in year: 2000-2050




Fuel: £(2000)4.31/GJ



Default fuel unit: 

Default operating unit: 

Default capital unit: 

Label: Energy Crops Step 3