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The original 2050 Pathways Analysis Report

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Title: The original 2050 Pathways Analysis Report

Content: The original 2050 Pathways Analysis report[] was published in July 2010 and documents most of the technical assumptions in the 2050 Pathways Analysis. 

In response to the July-October 2010 call for evidence changes were made to the assumptions in that report. These are documented in the The Government's response to the Call for Evidence - Part 2[] and cover:

* Hydrogen
* Including a fuel choice in Carbon Capture and Storage
* Electricity balancing
* Bioenergy conversion processes
* Biomass power generation
* Offshore wind Level 4
* Tidal range capacity factor
* Industry disaggregation into two levers
* Transport
* Space heating – home insulation levels
* Agriculture disaggregation into two levers

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