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Title: 2050 International Aviation Costs

Content: Lead and sign-off 2050 Costs team lead - Neil Fleming

Working-level analyst - TBC

Senior analyst - TBC

Data source Markal November 2010

Matrix source - D11/801835

Technologies costed in this sector

| Aviation | Diesel fuel use |

Costs summary (£ per veh unit): 	Cost per Vehicle/Unit				              Aviation	Diesel fuel use			 			High	        Low Capital costs		91,824,744 	91,824,744  Operating costs		1,975,627 	1,347,056 

Life Time (years)


| AIR | AIR | 30 |

Methodology explanation

Source & methodology

MARKAL input assumptions have been used. DfT and CCC have not signed these off and their use is very much as a first test of numbers and model process.  

In order to derive a range for the cost figures, 2000 figures are used for the high and 2050 for the low where these differ in MARKAL.  For International Aviation there is only a range for the OPEX category.

MARKAL costs in billion veh kms per annum are converted into vehicles required using MARKAL estimates of average annual kms for aviation. Costs then spread over assumed life-time per technology using MARKAL estimates of vehicle life. Each trajectory in the 2050 Calculator indicates distances by technology. These are converted into vehicles required using MARKAL assumption of average annual km by technology and the resultant required vehicles is costed against the per unit cost.

Issues and cross checks

Need to consider issues around scrappage rates costs and residual values.

Category: 2050 Pathway costs

User: Tom Counsell

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