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VI.c Marine algae costs

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Title: 2050 Marine algae costs

Content: This is macro algae, not micro. Micro algae is unlikely to be grown in the UK, so should be considered to be part of the liquid biofuel import potential.

h1 Sources & approach

Markal doesn't include macro algae. The Technology Innovation Needs Assesment for Algae[D11/0143409] by E4Tech has a base cost of £47/GJ, of which £6/GJ is 'downstream processing' which may be part of biomass processing in the 2050 model. With all possible innovation, E4Tech think the cost might fall to £20/GJ.

Don't know the capital/operating split. For now, make it all a 'fuel' cost.

h1 Concerns

* Any other data points for calibration?
* Is downstream processing in or out of this module?
* Do we agree about the calorific value of the algae?

Category: 2050 pathway costs

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