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XVI.a Fossil fuel transfers Costs

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Title: 2050 Fossil fuel transfers costs

Content: This is basically the cost of the national gas grid.

h1 Source data

From Markal3.24Doc

* Residential: 9.57 £M/PJ investment cost.  0.001 £M/PJ variable operating cost. pg 14 code SRNGA Chapter 4 Markal06 cites source for costs; US EPA (2005)
* Industrial: 7.98 £M/PJ investment cost. 0.001 £M/PJ variable operating cost. pg 13 code SINGA Chapter 4 Markal06 cites source for costs; US EPA (2005)

| * Electricity: 7.98 | £M/PJ Investment cost. 0.001 £M/PJ variable operating cost. pg 12 code SENGA cites source for costs: US EPA(2005) |

US EPA (2005) US Regional MARKAL model documentation, Office of Research and Development, US Environmental Protection Agency,

American numbers, so need to x-check with National Grid data.

h1 Approach

# Lump all gas demand together
# Assume the numbers above are per PJ of average flow, and that the scaling that has been done to peak demand remains unchanged.
# Use +/-50% of the residential range.
# Assume a 30 year life

h1 Worries

# Should perhaps work out the size of the gas pipe based on peak demand so benefit from insulation?
# The Markal capital value looks much to high compared with the UK National Grid regulated asset values of £4.5bn for the gas transmission network[] and £7bn for the bit they own (perhaps half)
# The ratio of capital to operating cost looks wrong, compared with national grid. It may be that a lot of the capital replacement in this calculation is actually operating cost in National Grid figures.

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