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Questions about the licence under which the 2050 calculator is published

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Title: Questions about the licence under which the 2050 calculator is published

Content: The 2050 calculator is published under several different licences: 1. The Excel Spreadsheet is published under an open government licence: 2. The web interface is published under an MIT licence: 

Note that the Excel spreadsheet requires Excel to run, for which you will need your own licence.

Some of the things needed to run the web interface are published under their own licenses, though we've tried to pick libraries that are permisively licenced. 

Our intent in publishing the work is to: 1. Allow you to do more or less what you want with it, except: 2. You can't claim that we support or endorse what you have done 3. We don't accept any liability for the work or what you do with it.

Specifically, you can:

* download the model and run it on your own machines
* change and adapt it
* use it, in whole or in part, for both commercial and non-commercial purposes.

You do NOT have to share what you do with us, though we are interested.

You do NOT have to make your work open source (i.e., these licenses are NOT copyleft)

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