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What makes a great my2050 style front end

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Title: What makes a great my2050 style front end

Content: This is part of a series of "what makes a great.." notes to help people who are interested in copying the 2050 calculator. They are ideals, which the UK calculator may not live up to.

Once the excel spreadsheet has been improved through the call for evidence, the one pages developed and the implications worked out, and the web front end has been built, tested and used, the next step may be to create a 'my2050' style front end.

The point of this is to create a version of the calculator that appeals to, and is useful for, people who have less expertise and knowledge of the energy sector. 

The UK version is at

The my2050 style front end requires:

# Reducing the number of choices a user can make from about 40 to closer to 10. This can be done by:
## Eliminiating choices that make little difference (e.g., in the UK's case, whether cooking is electrified)
## Combining choices that make sense as a group (e.g., in the UK's case combining wind, wave, tide, solar choices into a single renewable electricity choice)
# Creating more appealing interactive visuals (e.g., instead of graphs showing the TWh/yr from wind, draw wind turbines on a landscape)
# Creating simpler explanations of choices (e.g., where the one page notes might assume that the person reading knows what CCS is, this would need to be spelled out)
# Surrounding the interactive game with explanation (e.g., as to what to do to change choices, and what the point of using the tool  is)

The UK tool also had a facility for people to send in their preffered pathways.

The UK version uses a separate reimplementation of the excel spreadsheet in the Phython language. The new version of the excel to software translation system means this is no longer neccessary - it should be possible for the excel spreadsheet to power the my2050 version.

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