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A guide to the 2050 calculator excel spreadsheet


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Introduction 3
How do I make a pathway in the spreadsheet? 4
How the Calculator works 5
Frequently Asked Questions 12
Emissions questions 12
Why are some emissions negative? 12
Energy supply and demand questions 13
How is biomass allocated across the sectors? 13
How does the Calculator ensure there is sufficient energy supply to meet demand? 15
How do you change the trajectory definitions (e.g. how can I redefine level 4)? 15
Cost questions 16
What discount rate do you use and how do you change it? 16
What finance cost assumptions do you use and how can you change them? 16
Where can you get total costs and cost/person/year? How can you graph these over time? 17
Assumption and data questions 17
How do you change the units? 17
What population figures have you used and how do you change them? 17
What GDP growth rate assumptions have you used and how do you change them? 17
Why are there three 2007 worksheets? 17
Excel specific questions 18
Why can’t I open the spreadsheet in Excel ’97? 18
What do ‘Index and Match’ formulae do? 18
What is a ‘Structured Table Reference’? 18
Webtool questions 19
How do you paste a pathway between Excel and the web tool? 19
Where can I see key information about my pathway, such as total electricity generation and electricity capacities, and energy demand for heat and transport? 19