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This is a wiki Anyone can contribute, therefore we don't vouch for its accuracy.

Project timetable


  1. January, February & Early March - Finish 2050 Pathways update, build the 2050 costs team
  2. March- Iteration 1, rough guesses from available data (mostly Markal).


  1. April to mid June - checking with Whitehall analytical leads and other data sources
  2. 10th June - lock down of Calculator input assumptions
  3. Mid June to early July - preparing for release to stakeholders (checking operability of Calculator, presentation of costs, and identifying "bombs" and lines to take).
  4. July - release to c. 300 stakeholders.
  5. July to Autumn - updating costs taking on board updates from Whitehall analysts and selected comments from credible stakeholders.
  6. Autumn - public launch of Calculator, tech manual and analytical report.