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X.a Domestic lighting, appliances, and cooking Costs

The cost of cookers (either electric or gas)

Technologies costed in this sector

Excluded: Cost of lighting and appliances

Costs Methodlogy

Methodology used

The user defines the split of cooking from gas or electric in 2050 and a trajectory of this split is developed across 2010-2050. We assume every house has a cooker and cookers are replaced every 15 years. Only new cookers are costed, that is: the difference between the number of cookers defined by the user in period t minus the cookers in period t-1 plus scrapped cookers from period t-1.

We chose not to include the cost of reducing demand for electricity. This is because this can be achieved from a combination of behaviour change and large number of future technologies. We believe electricity using consumer goods are highly uncertain to define because consumer preferences, technologies available and future performance are all extremely uncertain. Some electricity-using consumer goods, such as lighting and fridge/freezers, have already seen strong action on increasing energy efficiency. Therefore, we believe the remaining energy efficiency measures to achieve electricity demand reduction will be driven by behaviour, demand management (such as smart meters) and future consumer products. We haven't included costs because we cannot currently define this combination.

Questions to stakeholders

  • Should we try to determine a basket of technology changes for each level and cost these?
  • Is there another method you would suggest to cost a reduction in household electricity demand?
  • We have not included costs of behaviour change, see methodology, since this choice is defined by the user and their preferences. Do you have any suggestions on how we might flag this welfare loss in non-monetary terms? Should we take an opportunity cost approach to define it in monetary terms?

Please see 2050 Methodology for a full description of the costs approach in the Calculator.

Technical Assumptions

Cooking pathway is either as today (63% electric, 37% Gas) or 100% electric by 2050, assuming a linear progression