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III.d Geothermal electricity Costs

Technologies costed in this sector

Costs Methodology

Methodology used

The user defines the number of geothermal plants. Once the trajectory is set by the user, the number of plants to be built are defined. Investment costs are a function of new build and operating cost are a function of the number of plants operating within that time period. We assume plants retire after 25 years and the cost of replacement is included.

Please see 2050 Methodology for a full description of the costs approach in the Calculator.

Methodology issues and uncertainties

  • The range appears extremely wide. This may be a representation of a valid uncertainty or indicate one of the data sources is an outlier.

Technical Assumptions

Current Calculator assumptions

  • Lifetime = 25yrs[1]
  • Load Factor = 80%
  • Input Fuel = Goethermal

General Comments

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  1. Average of ESME range