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VII.a Electricity imports Costs

Electricity imports and exports are currently modelled separately.

Technologies costed in this sector

Costs Methodology

Methodology used

For imported electricity, the user defines the amount of imported electricity based on an international concentrated solar power project in the North African desert (Desertec). We have taken cost estimates on this project as a £/TWh imported, assuming the UK pays for the capital investment of the project at the same percentage as the electricity it receives from the project.

For exported electricity, we have assumed the over-production of low carbon electricity is consumed abroad and the UK receives a wholesale price for this. The cost of an interconnector to access these markets is also included as a cost to the UK.


Please see 2050 Methodology for a full description of the costs approach in the Calculator.

Methodology issues and uncertainties

  • Can we always assume an export market for low carbon electricity? Should the low bound be set at £0/KWh?

Technical Assumptions

Please see Desertec white book, from the Desertec foundation [1]

General Comments

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