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This is a wiki Anyone can contribute, therefore we don't vouch for its accuracy.

Frequently Mailed Questions

Thank you for emailing DECC. Due to shifting priorities, the 2050 mailbox is only monitored intermittently. If you can't wait, below are some answers to frequently mailed questions. You can also read our Frequently Asked Questions or search the website using the box on the right.

I have created a great pathway. Have you considered it?

Excellent. Feel free to add it to the my favourite pathway page on this wiki, to blog about it, to write reports about it, and to tell people you know at DECC about it.

I don't understand why the calculator is doing X

Unfortunately we are no longer staffed to help you. The good news is that all the calculations and assumptions are available in the Excel model. If you set up your pathway in that, then you can trace through why it is giving the answer you are seeing.

I think I've found a bug

Thank you. Please add it to our bug spotter. If you can, please fix the bug in your own version of the Excel or web interface and put a link to your fixed version from that page.

We hope, at some point, to have the staff time to release a new version of the calculator.

Can I use it for X?

See the terms of our licence. Basically, if you don't claim to be or to be endorsed by DECC, and accept that DECC has no liability for the calculator or whatever you do with it, then the answer will be 'Yes'.