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The original terms of reference for DECCs 2050 project

For posterity: the original terms of reference for this project, back in 2009:

2050 Routemap terms of reference

  1. Where we are clear and where we are more uncertain of the path to a low carbon economy in 2050, and which technologies and behaviours need to be accelerated further
  2. The practical pathways we might need to follow and the barriers we need to overcome in order to secure the necessary emissions reductions through to 2050 (at an acceptable balance of cost, security and behavioural change). This needs to cover all sectors, while treating energy supply and demand as a single integrated system, including international linkages and resilience to unavoidable climate change:
    • Potential long-term pathways for electricity generation and bioenergy
    • Potential long-term pathways for overall energy demand
    • Potential long-term pathways for land use, agriculture and waste
    • Potential long-term pathways for the supply of heat
    • Potential long-term pathways for transport
  3. How changes in each sector fit together, setting out synergies and trade-offs, and the implications for timing, sequencing and practical implementation. Included should be the role that government, businesses and individuals should play in the process, and other potential impacts (for example on security of supply and sustainability measures).
  4. Identify further steps – both ‘no-regret’ and ‘good-bet’ actions - necessary to keep us on track, and identify major decision points that need to be planned for.