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Is it really possible to both increase land used for biocrops and increase livestock numbers

Q: The calculator assumes that it is possible to both dedicate 17% of land to the growth of biocrops, and increase livestock numbers by 10%. Is it suggested that this would be achieved simply through increased intensity of farming?

A: Yes. “Level 4” effort for “land management” assumes an increase in land allocated to biocrops of 38,160 km2 (so that 17% of land is used for biocrops) and an increase in land for forests of 10,913 km2. This is brought about by a 13,671 km2 fall in arable land for food crops, 32,812 km2 reduction in land for grassland for livestock and fallow and 2,589 km2 decrease in land for “other” uses. This implies an increased intensity of livestock farming.

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