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What makes a great report on the implications of the analysis

This is part of a series of "what makes a great.." notes to help people who are interested in copying the 2050 calculator. They are ideals, which the UK calculator may not live up to.

Once the excel spreadsheet has started to come together, it can be used. We found that trying to use the spreadsheet to work out our key implications was handy to:

  1. Test whether the spreadsheet was correct
  2. Test whether what we had done was actually relevant to anything
  3. Attract attention to the calculator, in order to get it checked and used by more people
  4. ... and to actually change something.

A great report on the implications of the analysis

  1. All the implications can be summarised on a single powerpoint slide
  2. Each implication can be demonstrated using the caclulator
  3. Each implication has a consequence for government policy

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