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What makes a great sector worksheet

This is part of a series of "what makes a great.." notes to help people who are interested in copying the 2050 calculator. They are ideals, which the UK calculator may not live up to.

Once the assumptions about a sector are ready and documented, the next step is to implement these as a worksheet.

A great sector worksheet:

  1. Is a single worksheet
  2. Follows the following structure:
    1. Trajectory choice
    2. Assumptions that vary with choice of trajectory
    3. Assumptions that don't vary with choice of trajectory
    4. Assumptions that are derived from the assumptions above
    5. Calculations
    6. Outputs (in tables)
  3. Minimises its interaction with other worksheets
  4. Contains references to any key sources / documentation

Because the sector is implemented as a single worksheet, it needs to be simple.

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