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What makes a great 2050 project

This is part of a series of "what makes a great.." notes to help people who are interested in copying the 2050 calculator. They are ideals, which the UK calculator may not live up to.

A great 2050 project:

  • Covers all potential energy forms (oil, coal, gas, biomass, electricity etc)
  • Includes all greenhouse gases (from fossil fuel combustion, but also from industrial chemical processes and land-use etc)
  • Is supported by stakeholders with wildly differing views
  • Is used to inform Government decision-making

A good process:

  1. Divide the country into sectors
  2. Do initial desk research on each sector
  3. Meet experts in & outside government to agree levels 1-4
  4. Create sector worksheets
  5. Combine worksheets into excel workbook
  6. Translate excel workbook into online versions
  7. Work out implications & test results (“Call for evidence”)
  8. Get the tool used inside and outside government

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