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It is very confusing having energy supply from coal and from biomass represented by the same block on chart two

The “UK Primary Energy Supply” chart in the 2050 Calculator Webtool shows the energy supplied from the available primary energy sources in the Calculator: the “coal” line shows the energy derived from coal; the “bioenergy” line shows energy derived from biomass. However, choices on solid biomass have an impact on coal use and this will be visible in the chart. This is because energy demand is always met in the 2050 Calculator, and if insufficient biomass is provided the corresponding fossil fuel is used. For example, if the user selects a higher level of biomass power plant deployment, then coal use will increase if there is insufficient solid biomass in the user’s pathway to satisfy the solid hydrocarbon demand.

A detailed breakdown of the energy supplied from the different sources is provided in the spreadsheet in the “Intermediate output” worksheet, rows 23 to 47. The spreadsheet can be accessed at the link in paragraph 6.