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This is a wiki Anyone can contribute, therefore we don't vouch for its accuracy.

Excel Conventions


We have a set of conventions about how we code the excel version of the 2050 pathway calculator.

Process for working together

  1. The master copy of the excel is in Matrix:
  2. Only check out the master copy to merge your changes - do not check it out for long periods
  3. The master copy should always work - i.e., don't merge incomplete changes.


  1. costs are positive numbers
  2. cost per physical item (e.g. 1.1GW nuclear reactor) not per GW
  3. The formula should start with the original number as found in the source, and do whatever manipulation is required in the formula itself
  4. use cost units so can display costs in variety of forms (e.g., 12.3*(MGBP/Unit.PJ) )
  5. brief source in excel. Full source on this wiki.
  6. note worries and uncertainties on this wiki.
  7. The cost for each year, both Capital and Operating, are for that year only. They will be based on the build rates/technology penetration of the preceeding years.
  8. Original cost source to be included explicitly in excel. All workings from this cost will be in the worksheet
  9. Costs should be adjusted to be 2010 real pounds.

investment costs

  1. Investment costs are the annualised costs based on the average previous 5 years of investment
  2. Investment costs should include investment to the whole economy. Therefore costs that will actually be born to deliver a technology, which may be annualised through financial or market mechanisms, ought to be in investment costs not fixed or variable O&M

O&M costs

  1. Operational and maintenance costs excluding any fuel consumption born within that year.

Layout in the Excel

  1. Separate cost assumptions block, situated below fixed assumptions and above derived assumptions. Table of costs with Low costs then High costs.
  2. Calculations at the bottom of the methodology section.
  3. Cost outputs box at the bottom of the page with the same name as the sheet, followed by .Costs


Prior / following period

Certain input assumptions describe the annual growth in a particular quantity over a five-year period. (The Calculator works in five-year chunks, apart from the initial period from 2007 to 2010.)

When the annual growth rate is intended to apply for the five years following the year shown, the table should be labelled something like "Annual growth, following period." When the growth rate applies to the five years preceding the year shown, the table will be labelled "Annual growth, prior period."

Note that the growth is assumed to take place from or to 31 December of the year shown.