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This is a wiki Anyone can contribute, therefore we don't vouch for its accuracy.

Methodology and assumptions


Details of how the trajectories are calculated (also refer to the one pagers on the webtool)

Excel worksheet methodology

Transport sector - excel methodology

Costs analysis

Air quality

Historical data

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Comparing 2050 Calculator to other 2050 models

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Version control

See the history of published versions of the 2050 Calculator

Red / amber / green rating of the Calculator's assumptions

Model assumptions confidence log This provides a summary of the quality of the assumptions in the Calculator. It is a work in progress

Glossary of terms in the Calculator

We use a number of terms when referring to the 2050 Calculator, so have put together a short note to explain what the most important ones mean.


I am looking into bioenergy for University studies and I am trying to find out what calculations were used when deriving an output energy for the different levels for "Land dedicated to Bioenergy" specifically level 3 where an output of 324TWh/y is given if 10% UK land is used for energetic crop growth. Didn't have a clue where to post this question so I have done so here! Apologies for any inconvenience. If anyone could get back to me via this page or preferably email that would be fantastic! (