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XVI.b Balancing imports costs

The balancing imports spreadsheet describes how much Oil, Gas and Coal are imported.

The imports are always sufficient to meet demand for solid, liquid and gasous fuels after any bio- and domestic sources have been used. Those calculations are carried out in the 'year' worksheets (labeled 2007-2050).

Note that the model does not assume any limit to the quantity of each fuel that could be imported.

See also:

  1. XV.b Indigenous fossil-fuel production

Source data

Forecasts of fossil fuel prices:

  1. Oil Price cost data
  2. Coal Price cost data
  3. Gas Price cost data

Explanation of our working assumption:

  1. 2050 working assumption Oil Price 2050 working assumption 2030-50
  2. 2050 working assumption Coal Price 2050 working assumption 2030-50
  3. 2050 working assumption Gas Price 2050 working assumption 2030-50


  1. Exports earn the same cost as imports
  2. Fossil fuel prices follow DECC projections to 2030, then remain constant at the 2030 projected value.

Questions for Stakeholders

  1. Is it reasonable to assume the UK could become an exporter of coal?
  2. Is it reasonable to assume exports are the same price as imports?

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