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E4tech (UK) Ltd is an independent technologically-informed business consultancy in sustainable energy. We have worked at the interface between energy technology, environmental needs and business opportunities since 1997, always maintaining a focus on innovative approaches to sustainable energy. Our international team have backgrounds in industry, consultancy and research, and provide services relating to technology, policy and business across a wide range of energy areas. Our clients include investors and financial institutions, governments and public agencies, energy, industrial and automotive companies.

E4tech has in-depth expertise in the bioenergy sector. Our highly skilled and experienced staff focuses on both conventional and novel bioenergy routes, and we understand how policy and sustainability issues can affect bioenergy uptake in different markets.

E4tech have carried out several recent projects relevant to the DECC 2050 Pathways Analysis:

  • E4tech (2011) Future Impact Estimation (FIE) tool, used for consistent top-down analysis of Carbon Trust programme GHG emissions savings as used in their Annual Report
  • E4tech (2011) Review of the technology dataset and constraints used in DECC and CCC modelling of the ‘best use’ of bioenergy
  • E4tech (2012) Modes Project 1: Development of illustrative scenarios describing the quantity of different types of bioenergy potentially available to the UK transport sector in 2020, 2030 and 2050. Commissioned by Department for Transport