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This is a wiki Anyone can contribute, therefore we don't vouch for its accuracy.

Bug spotter

This is a space to list possible bugs in the excel model or web front end. Please assign the bug a number, incrementing one from the last one on the page.

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Outstanding bugs

Web front end

(see also issues filed at )

  • Bug 1: IE8 cost sensitivity page very slow to load
  • Bug 2: IE8 cost sensitivity page 'reset' link hard to press
  • You cannot select non-integers for the demand side (e.g. you cannot select 2.5 on transport demand)
  • No 1-4 lever for indigenous fossil-fuel production (i.e. the web tool has one less lever than the Excel version of the Calculator)
  • The "landuse" section of the webtool does not show the required number of biomass conversion facilities, as given in worksheet "V.a"
  • The Excel spreadsheet and the Webtool give different values for final energy demand. The reason for the discrepancy is that the fuel used in refineries is not counted as final energy demand in the intermediate output table, but is included within Industry in the flow chart.

Excel model

  • Bug 4: The model assumes 77 million bikes in 2050, which seems too high, and the costs are not on the wiki. (This is a priority bug to fix as it could have quite a big impact on costs.)
  • Insulation costs: are these correct? Another priority bug to look at. See: D12/850429
  • Bug 5: Is the cooling demand in IX.a correct? D12/192752
  • Bug 7: error in waste volumes. D12/383050
  • Bug 21: there's an inconsistency across the years, in Sheet I.a G241-O241. And the formula, as it stands, means that when the user specifies more biomass plant in some scenarios, this drives up coal use. This can be fixed, by replacing the formula with a straightforward min(required,available)
  • Bug 25: We should really calculate the 'story' statements dynamically in the excel
  • Bug 27: ‘bioenergy available but not actually supplied, and therefore available for export’ (see V.a line 316) doesn’t appear in ‘solid to over-generation/exports’ in the ‘Flows’ worksheet, causing an error to be highlighted in red.
  • Bug 28: Coal burnt automatically increases when the capacity of biomass power stations is increased
  • Bug 30: bcm unit is wrong?
  • Bug 31: Hydrogen electrolysis shouldn't be included in peak calculation for stress test
  • Bug 32 Bioenergy imports incorrectly calculated
  • Bug 33 Coal imports incorrectly calculated when supply of solid fuels is greater than demand
  • Bug 34 Looks like there's a bug in the energy conversion factor for hydrogen powered road transport. In tab XII.a, row 168, the bus hydrogen technology efficiencies do not reference the energy unit preference (as other efficiency types do). So if you use different units in the calculator preferences tab, these bus efficiencies do not convert properly. (Thanks to Richard Dionne)
  • Bug 35 Bus_HEV has an efficiency in the ICE but not in EV tables. It's dropped from the EV side of things completely beyond about Row 342. Essentially, it's not using any electricity in the model. (Thanks to Patrick Barry, Cardiff University)
  • Bug 36 Worksheet 1b cost errors
  • Bug 37 Worksheet X.b cells D76:D79, costs formulae multiply by TWh, when they should divide.


Costs to delete

Bioenergy costs (comments from

  • Delete cost_source/84 (and therefore remove costs/793, /794, /795 and /796). These macro-algae costs needed correcting (as the source had them in biomethane form, not seaweed), plus these costs have been replaced by the more up-to-date TINA bioenergy analysis (
  • Delete energy crop costs/843 and /844, as these have been replaced by the more up-to-date TINA bioenergy analysis (cost_sources/46)
  • I think the costs extracted from cost_source/90 (Jablonski et al. 2010) might need to be double-checked. All of the capital costs in the wiki are given as £/GJ (and hence converted straight into £/MWh using x3.6), however, all the investment costs in the original source itself are given as £/(GJ/year). Alternatively, the y-axis units could be changed £/(MWh/yr)?

Fixed bugs

  • Bug 3: Cost VI.a.Bioenergy is not included in the total cost presented by the webtool.
  • Bug 12: There is a missing GW unit in sheet I.a, cell F92.
  • Bug 13: XVI.b wrong price year - row 37
  • Bug 14: I.a - missing GW unit in cell F92
  • Bug 15: VI.b Unit error: should have MGBP rather than GBP in cell G233
  • Bug 16: IX.a small error in cells referenced by cooling costs on rows 461-463 of sheet
  • Bug 17: XII.a. cell E365 referencing wrong cell & throwing off costs
  • bug filed at by I G Crossland
  • Bug 18: typos - "ammortised" should be "amortised" throughout the spreadsheet
  • from Friends of the Earth: one of our local campaigners recently pointed out to me that there was a discrepancy between values shown when a cursor hovered over a level and the information in the information sheet associated with it. DECC off-shore level 4 = 929 TWhr - but hovering over level 4 says 430 TWhrs
  • From NAO: when they viewed the web tool (at the "costs in context" page was showing the MARKAL pathway at £4,656/person/year when it should have shown £4,671. The £4,656 was the old figure, prior to update in May. NAO clicked on "refresh" and this did not fix it. They then clicked on "costs sensivitity page" and "set to default" and this corrected it - even though none of the costs beforehand were set outside the default.
  • Bug 6: labelling in E107 on year sheets is misleading - electricity imports are not related to hydrocarbons. Similarly, sorting out imports(brackets)ambiguity would be useful.
  • Bug 10: Transport double counted in the energy demand chart on the control sheet
  • Bug 11: Total emissions change when the unit of energy is changed in the preferences sheet. It shouldn't.
  • Bug 19: incorrect label: Sheet I.a cell C245 - values are not "coal", they are "solid fuel input required" (they include biomass as well as coal)
  • Bug 22: I think fuel cells vs batteries should probably be a category scale (A-D), not ascending order of difficulty (1-4). This can be fixed by changing cell F32 on the "Control" sheet from 4 to D.
  • Bug 26: The names of the example pathways in Excel are different from the names of the example pathways in the dropdown menu on the web tool
  • Three of the formulae in the Sankey section of the Intermediate Outputs tab are wrong: AZ453-AZ455 (v3.4.0).
  • Bug 20: Sheet I.a cells H196-O196 allow total coal capacity to go negative. Changing them to max(current formula,0) fixes this
  • Bug 23: On the Control sheet, cells BO11-BO13 ("None in 2050") are not at all helpful, as they're dropped straight into the "story" tab of the web front end, and it's not possible to tell in the story tab, what there's "none" of. I suggest changing them to "No wave power","No power from tidal stream","No tidal range schemes" respectively.
  • Bug 24: In the spreadsheet, wiki links are to{number} rather than to{number}
  • Bug 29: cells XVIII.a F65:O66 are all anchored to 2007 unit costs, rather than to the year-by-year costs (the $F in the formulae should have no $)