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This is a wiki Anyone can contribute, therefore we don't vouch for its accuracy.

Problems that you can help us fix

Anyone can edit any page on this wiki, by clicking on 'improve this page' or 'improve this text'. We would appreciate your help in fixing:


Impolite language.

Please delete any that you see. If it is really bad, or someone keeps doing it, please report it to and we will prevent that user from editing.

Unclear language.

If the meaning is clear to you, but you think it might not be clear to others, then please edit the text directly. If it just isn't clear, edit the text to include the question you think that needs addressing in square brackets.


Unclear or incomplete citations

If you recognise the citation, but it hasn't been filled out sufficiently for anyone else to follow it, then please edit the text directly.

If a citation is unclear or incomplete and you don't recognise it, please add the title of the page to the list on this page: unclear or incomplete citations.

Errors in sourcing an assumption

Several types of error might creep in when sourcing an assumption. If you read the underlying source we would be grateful if you would fix any:

  • Mistakes in transcribing figures from underlying sources (e.g., the source says £100/MWh but it is entered into the wiki as £10/MWh or £100/kWh)
  • Mistakes in interpreting figures (e.g., an offshore wind cost might need to be adjusted to include the cost of connection to the electricity grid)
    • Missing caveats (e.g., the cost may only apply if a particular breakthrough is made)

Missing a key source

Please add any missing data by going to the relevant sector, going to the page that lists existing data points and clicking 'add a cost'.


On general points of principal please edit the methodology page and put your comment at the bottom.

For points that relate to specific pages, please edit the sector page (see COSTS BY SECTOR) and put your comment at the bottom.

Functionality & presentation

Please edit the following pages to add your comments:

If you want to contact DECC

Please email