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MacLeod et al 2010 cost source

Michael MacLeod, Dominic Moran, Alistair McVittie, Bob Rees, Glyn Jones, David Harris, Steve Antony, Eileen Wall, Vera Eory, Andrew Barnes, Kairsty Topp, Bruce Ball, Steve Hoad and Lel Eory (2010) Review and update of UK marginal abatement cost curves for agriculture. Prepared for: The Committee on Climate Change

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  Technologies Fuels
Valid in year Capital cost Operating cost excluding fuel Size Output Efficiency Life Fuel cost Fuel limit
Soil management Crops-Soils-UsingComposts 2022 £(2010)0-0/tCO2e 237-273ktCO2e
Soil management Crops-Soils-MineralNTiming 2022 £(2010)-106--104/tCO2e 358-2346ktCO2e
Soil management Crops-Soils-ImprovedN-UsePlants 2022 £(2010)-205/tCO2e 0-737ktCO2e
Soil management Crops-Soils-Drainage 2022 £(2010)-31-155/tCO2e 121-4202ktCO2e
Soil management Crops-Soils-OrganicNTiming 2022 £(2010)-64--56/tCO2e 427-1040ktCO2e
Soil management Crops-Soils-ReducedTill 2022 £(2010)-170--153/tCO2e 283-315ktCO2e
Soil management Crops-Soils-AvoidNExcess 2022 £(2010)-260--196/tCO2e 5-143ktCO2e
Soil management Crops-Soils-FullManure 2022 £(2010)-159--17633/tCO2e 1-192ktCO2e
Soil management Crops-Soils-SlurryMineralNDelayed 2022 £(2010)0-0/tCO2e 172ktCO2e
Soil management Crops-Soils-NIs 2022 £(2010)59-698/tCO2e 948-2240ktCO2e
Soil management Crops-Soils-SpeciesIntro 2022 £(2010)70-52/tCO2e 2033-2703ktCO2e
Soil management Crops-Soils-SystemsLessReliantOnInputs 2022 £(2010)210-277/tCO2e 358-471ktCO2e
Soil management Crops-Soils-ControlledRelFert 2022 £(2010)332-208/tCO2e 1132-1810ktCO2e
Soil management Crops-Soils-ReduceNFert 2022 £(2010)432-429/tCO2e 1136-1143ktCO2e
Soil management Crops-Soils-BiolFix 2022 £(2010)858-2769/tCO2e 74-240ktCO2e
Enteric fermentation abatement DairyAn-ImprovedFertility 2022 £(2010) -101--86/tCO2e 976-765ktCO2e
Enteric fermentation abatement DairyAn-ImprovedProductivity 2022 £(2010) -144--144/tCO2e 685-456ktCO2e
Enteric fermentation abatement BeefAn-ImprovedGenetics 2022 £(2010) -3603--3603/tCO2e 103-103ktCO2e
Enteric fermentation abatement DairyAn-MaizeSilage 2022 £(2010) -263--263/tCO2e 213-213ktCO2e
Enteric fermentation abatement DairyAn-bST 2022 £(2010) 224-224/tCO2e 294-294ktCO2e
Enteric fermentation abatement DairyAn-Transgenics 2022 £(2010) 1692-1692/tCO2e 121-1121ktCO2e
Enteric fermentation abatement BeefAn-Concentrates 2022 £(2010) 2705-2705/tCO2e 180-180ktCO2e
Enteric fermentation abatement BeefAn-Ionophores 2022 £(2010)-1748/tCO2e 0-772ktCO2e
Enteric fermentation abatement DairyAn-Ionophores 2022 £(2010) -49/tCO2e 1644 ktCO2e
Enteric fermentation abatement BeefAn-PropionatePrecursors 2022 £(2010) 0--1017/tCO2e 0-566ktCO2e
Enteric fermentation abatement DairyAn-PropionatePrecursors 2022 £(2010) 0--15/tCO2e 0-1469ktCO2e
Manure management DairyManure-CoveringSlurryTanks 2022 £(2010) 70-70/tCO2e 77-77ktCO2e
Manure management BeefManure-CoveringLagoons 2022 £(2010) 9-9/tCO2e 23-23ktCO2e
Manure management BeefManure-CoveringSlurryTanks 2022 £(2010) 24-24/tCO2e 27-27ktCO2e
Manure management DairyManure-CoveringLagoons 2022 £(2010) 25-25/tCO2e 74-74ktCO2e

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