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DECC Energy and Emissions Projections 2010 cost source

  Technologies Fuels
Valid in year Capital cost Operating cost excluding fuel Size Output Efficiency Life Fuel cost Fuel limit
Gas Price DECC Range 2030 p(2009) 35.4-121.3/therm
Gas Price DECC Range 2020 p(2009) 34.5-121.3/therm
Gas Price DECC Range 2010 p(2009) 33.5-85.8/therm
Gas Price DECC Central 2000 p(2009)20.2126092495593/therm
Gas Price DECC Central 2010 p(2009)59.59120133/therm
Gas Price DECC Central 2020 p(2009)68.54103392/therm
Gas Price DECC Central 2030 p(2009)76.08440001/therm
Coal Price DECC Range 2010 £(2009) 51.1-83.1/tCoal
Coal Price DECC Range 2020 £(2009) 32-83.1/tCoal
Coal Price DECC Range 2030 £(2009) 32-83.1/tCoal
Coal Price DECC Central 2000 £(2009)30.2284738246972/tCoal
Coal Price DECC Central 2010 £(2009)70.30272471/tCoal
Coal Price DECC Central 2020 £(2009)51.12929236/tCoal
Coal Price DECC Central 2030 £(2009)51.12929236/tCoal
Oil Price DECC Range 2030 $(2009)61-153/boe
Oil Price DECC Range 2010 $(2009) 51-105/boe
Oil Price DECC Range 2020 $(2009) 61-153/boe
Oil Price DECC Central 2000 $(2009)37.3560221352241/boe
Oil Price DECC Central 2010 $(2009)71.58098839/boe
Oil Price DECC Central 2020 $(2009)81.80688869/boe
Oil Price DECC Central 2030 $(2009)92.03268442/boe
Exported Electricity 2001 £(2009)23/MWh
Exported Electricity 2002 £(2009)19/MWh
Exported Electricity 2003 £(2009)22/MWh
Exported Electricity 2004 £(2009)25/MWh
Exported Electricity 2005 £(2009)31/MWh
Exported Electricity 2006 £(2009)32/MWh
Exported Electricity 2007 £(2009)23/MWh
Exported Electricity 2008 £(2009)72/MWh
Exported Electricity 2009 £(2009)38/MWh
Exported Electricity 2010 £(2009)86-40/MWh
Exported Electricity 2015 £(2009)111-41/MWh
Exported Electricity 2020 £(2009)113-41/MWh
Exported Electricity 2000 £(2009)31/MWh

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