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Onshore Wind cost data

Data point Valid in Capital cost Operating cost excluding fuel Source
£(2010)/KWpeak £(2010)/KWpeak
  Onshore - Wind speed of 5-9m/s 2005 874 35 Markal 3.24
  FOAK 2010 1539–1909 32–50 MottMacDonald 2010
  NOAK 2010 1374–1729 28–46 MottMacDonald 2010
  Small - 0.8MW 2010 1378–1523 14–18 MottMacDonald (2011)
  Small - 0.8MW 2050 888–1147 9–14 MottMacDonald (2011)
  Large - 2.5MW 2010 1283–1418 12–16 MottMacDonald (2011)
  Large - 2.5MW 2050 822–1065 7–12 MottMacDonald (2011)
  2010 Range 2010 874–1858 7–75 2050 working assumption
  <5MW 2030 993–1868 36–65 Arup/EY
  Switzerland 2010 1626 247 IEA
  2050 Range 2050 822–1858 7–75 2050 working assumption
  >5MW 2010 1184–1820 28–68 Arup/EY
  >5MW 2015 1118–1822 28–68 Arup/EY
  >5MW 2020 1071–1825 28–68 Arup/EY
  >5MW 2025 1035–1827 28–69 Arup/EY
  Denmark 2010 1135 96 IEA
  Germany 2010 1247 167 IEA
  Netherlands 2010 1204 223 IEA
  Spain 2010 1135 159 IEA
  Sweden 2010 1445 88 IEA
  US 2010 1251 56 IEA
  >5MW 2030 1001–1830 28–69 Arup/EY
  <5MW 2010 1174–1858 36–65 Arup/EY
  <5MW 2015 1108–1861 36–65 Arup/EY
  <5MW 2020 1062–1863 36–65 Arup/EY
  <5MW 2025 1027–1866 36–65 Arup/EY
  Default - Wind - on shore T1 (9 m/s) to T7 (6-5 m/s) 2010 1565 14 MARKAL 3.26
  Default - Wind - on shore T1 (9 m/s) to T7 (6-5 m/s) 2050 1365 14 MARKAL 3.26
Range 2005-2050 822–1909 7–247  


Investment Cost = Overnight cost of constructing and connecting a wind turbine/farm, Note: costs per kw are net of own use, therefore the cost per kw is cost of electricity supplied to grid

Operating cost = Average annual operating cost of a wind turbine/farm, excluding fuel costs (treated elsewhere)

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