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UK National Aviation cost data

Data point Valid in Capital cost Operating cost excluding fuel Source
£(2010)/unit £(2010)/unit
  MARKAL 2050 57337604 792386 MARKAL 3.26
  Default - MARKAL 2010 57337604 1504958 MARKAL 3.26
  Range - UK National Aviation - 2050 2050 24200000–57337604 1504958–1504958 2050 working assumption
  UK Aviation (confidential source) 2050 24200000 ? Confidential
  Default - UK National Aviation 2050 35798161 1504958 35th centile between low and high end of range
Range 2010-2050 24200000–57337604 792386–1504958  


For all technologies of CAR, BUS, RAIL and AIR MARKAL, DfT and confidential input assumptions have been used. These are the latest available assumptions.

In order to derive a range for the cost figures, 2000 figures are used for the high and 2050 for the low to provide a rectangular shaped range.

MARKAL costs in billion veh kms per annum are converted into vehicles required using MARKAL estimates of average annual kms per technology. Costs then spread over assumed life-time per technology using MARKAL estimates of vehicle life. Each trajectory in the 2050 Calculator indicates distances by technology. These are converted into vehicles required using MARKAL assumption of average annual km by technology and the resultant required vehicles is costed against the per unit cost.

Issues and cross checks It is understood that MARKAL costs exclude infrastructure costs (including highways, highway infrastructure, rail infrastructure, electric veh charging points etc) – though rail does have a forecast that does include electrification costs.


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