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Gas CCS Electricity Generation cost data

Data point Valid in Capital cost Operating cost excluding fuel Source
£(2010)/kWpeak £(2010)/kWpeak
  Markal 3.24 2010 - 2040 600–894 32 Markal 3.24
  FOAK 2010 1224–1570 54–133 MottMacDonald 2010
  NOAK 2010 968–1247 47–112 MottMacDonald 2010
  CCGT Precomb CCS 2010 705–1026 39–61 MottMacDonald (2011)
  CCGT Post CCS 2010 821–1231 48–66 MottMacDonald (2011)
  CCGT Post CCS 2050 468–989 33–59 MottMacDonald (2011)
  CCGT Precomb CCS 2050 404–857 39–61 MottMacDonald (2011)
  FOAK Gas - CCGT with CCS 2010 1076–1391 40–82 Parsons Brinckerhoff
  NOAK Gas - CCGT with CCS 2010 864–1123 33–70 Parsons Brinckerhoff
  2050 working assumption 2050 404–1664 32–133 2050 working assumption
  2010 Range 2010 600–1570 22–133 2050 working assumption
  2050 Range 2050 404–1570 22–133 2050 working assumption
  Default - New GTCC 2010 2010 1112 39 MARKAL 3.26
  Default - New GTCC 2030 2030- 2050 995 39 MARKAL 3.26
Range 2010-2050 404–1664 22–133  


CAPEX is the overnight cost of building a power plant per KW (Gross, i.e. before parasitic load and load factor)

What should be included in this category?

  • This should include the cost of new gas CCS generation plants. No distinction is made between retro fit and new build.

What should be excluded from this category?

  • CO2 transportation and storage costs should not be included here, but instead included in the Summary of CO2 transportation cost data points.

How are these costs used in the 2050 Pathways model?

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